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Step By Step Learning Centers

A charged late fee of $50.00 will be assessed per day every 15 minutes a child is not picked up at the scheduled closing time. After all emergency numbers have been contacted, legal authorities will be reached.

Registering with Step By Step

Upon enrollment, a non-refundable registration fee - this includes administration costs! - will be due for all children. This fee is renewable each year.


Late fees


All tuition fees will be due on Monday or on the child's first day at Step By Step. If these fees are not received by Tuesday, a late charge of $10.00 per day will be assessed. If fees go unpaid for 1 week passed the original due date, your child will NOT BE ADMITTED at our centers. Step By Step reserves the right to change its tuition policy when necessary.

**Full tuition will be assessed when child is absent.


After 1 full year of attendance, each child is issued 10 free absence days to be used as vacation time and only on a weekly basis.


2 weeks written notice is required before any child's status change.

All returned checks will be charged a $25.00 administrative cost. After 2 returned checks, that account will be placed on a cash only basis.

Returned checks

Yearly receipts will be issued for your records and for tax purposes. If you need monthly or weekly receipts, arrangements can be made with our staff.


If your child is experiencing any domestic changes at home that may affect their behavior, you are to contact our Step By Step staff. This helps maintain our open door policy and keeps parents as close partners to our program and their child's educational development.



For questions about registration and

enrollment fees, call:


Our generous registration policies and unbelievable tuition rates not only make your child's learning experience with us possible - they make it affordable!

We're committed to your child's lifelong learning

We make child development accessible - and affordable!

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