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The memorable, exciting time offered to your child at Step By Step Learning Centers will mold the foundation for learning and interacting that will be built on as they grow older.


Our staff is trained to be the best, with teaching standards with quality, retention and qualification that surpass those of the State's Child Care Licenses and curriculum that stimulates, encourages, and rewards.


We are innovators, teachers, and professionals with standards that reach high and commitment that runs deep.

The difference is our commitment

Welcome to Step By Step Learning Centers, Florida's best and unique combination of learning and childcare. We opened with an idea and a commitment. Since opening as a family business in 2002, we've found superior methods for caring for children and teaching curriculum as well as higher educational standards to strive for.


We're there for your child every step of the way! Our experienced educators are committed to doing the little things that go a long way in boosting your child's learning potential and self-esteem. In addition, our caring, nurturing childcare environment will ensure your comfort and peace of mind as your child begins his or her journey with us. We have become respected as a provider of quality educational child care.

•  Infants

•  1 and 2 year olds

•  Pre-school age, 3 to 5 year olds

•  VPK, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program

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Through just an idea and a commitment, Step By Step Learning Centers have become one of the Florida's most respected educational providers for kids of all ages.

20 years of commitment to child development